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Drive Better Health Outcomes + Generate New Revenue

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Proven Coaching Methods + Powerful Technology = Revolutionizing Your Organization

Care Transitions Intervention® (CTI) Coaching has been proven to improve health outcomes, such as decreasing hospital readmissions and unnecessary ED utilizations by up to 70%. Paired with our precision software, CTI Coaching efficiently scales to generate sustainable revenue from new payer contracts for your organization or care network. 

This is a big “plus” for AAAs and other members of the Aging Network.

We’re Ready to Guide Your AAA to:

Realize Measurable Outcomes
Over the past 15 years, the CTI Coaching Model has produced evidence-based outcomes for improved individual health.

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Hospital readmissions are reduced by up to 70%.

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85% of clients demonstrate development of one or more health management skills from four key areas of health.
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Patient health outcomes extend well beyond the first 30 days post-admission – even up to 180 days after discharge.

We’ll help you enhance your existing CTI Coaching with our specialized software, or – if you’re not yet using CTI – we can work with you to upskill your staff to become Certified Transitions Coach®.

Mobilize Powerful Technology
More than 60 communities use our ground-breaking technology to: 

  • Produce better health outcomes
  • Realize ongoing program growth
  • Manage individual or multiple initiatives efficiently
  • View progress reports in real-time
  • Optimize their stakeholder engagement with demonstrable ROI

We’ve fine-tuned our technology to provide the simplest, shortest path to the highest, ongoing impact for patients, stakeholders, and communities.

Generate Profitable Results
We’ve helped organizations like yours generate sustainable revenues of over $90,000 per full-time Care Transitions Intervention® Coach. We’ll meet you wherever you are: Implementing a brand-new coaching program + software or optimizing your existing CTI program with our technology. 

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Evidence of Success from Organizations that Adopted the Care Transitions Intervention Model

"The four-year study shows a statistically significant increase in patient activation scores for our Veterans who received the CTI."Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) James J. Peters VAMC

Care Transitions Partnership Findings on Readmission Trends

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 Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership

Active Roles for Older Adults in Navigating Care Transitions

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Lessons Learned from the Care Transitions Intervention

Improving Patient Activation among Older Veterans

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Results from a Social Worker-Led Care Transitions Intervention

Discover How CTI+ Can Revolutionize Your Organization