About Us

CCS Health has been a partner in health for a decade.

For more than 10 years, CCS Health has enabled community-based workforces, organizations, agencies, and groups through training and technology to improve outcomes for statewide, regional, and community social health initiatives.

Our technology solutions started alongside building HUBs and sought to assist communities to identify modifiable health-care risk factors and address them through cost-effective measures that include services, outcome-tracking, and reporting. The CCS platform has enabled our community-driven partners to earn over $30 million in value-based payments (VBP).

In 2019, we added Care Transitions Intervention®, which produces even more sustainable revenue and increases positive patient outcomes for organizations. In 2003, Dr. Eric Coleman developed the Care Transitions Intervention approach. Research conducted via random control trials found evidence of reduction in readmission rates in various populations. The evidence-based intervention focuses on centering the patient, equipping them with the skills and guidance to take charge of their own care and health-care outcomes.

We have since brought these strategies together, offering clients a suite of solutions tailored to their size, community and business needs, and goals.

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Our Journey.

May 2012

Founder Bob Harnach launched Care Coordination Systems®
June 2012

Community Health Record
Together, Bob Harnach and Taylor Clark launched Community Health Record
February 2016

HealthBridge.care® made available to community health workers and organizations to help them source referral partners
August 2019

Care Coordination Systems acquired Care Transitions Intervention® (CTI)
August 2022

CTI+ was launched, providing a new powerful toolset for Transition's Coaches®

April 2023

CCS logo
Care Coordination Systems became CCS Health™ solidifying its wide array of health care offerings

Our Commitment.


We believe more equitable health care is achievable. This is why CCS Health is dedicated to advancing health equity through the organizations we serve to ensure that all people get the care they need.

In the same way we are committed to providing health equity through our clients and the communities and patients they serve, we also care deeply about fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our own organization. We do not discriminate on the basis of age; gender; disability; race; color; ancestry; citizenship; religion; pregnancy; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; national origin; medical condition; marital, pregnancy, veteran, or socioeconomic status; education; or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

CCS Health — Community Health Solutions Customized For Your Unique Mission

Adaptive, scalable, and effective technology for collaborative care is only one part of what our clients need. The most important aspect of this work is the PEOPLE - the CHWs, providers, and community members most impacted by access to consistent care or lack thereof. Sustainable health equity is powered by people - and we want to make sure they have what they need.

–Bob Harnach, founder and CEO of CCS Health

Our Leadership


Bob Harnach

Chief Executive Officer

Richie Welton

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Morley

General Counsel & Chief Information Security Officer

Taylor Clark

Senior Vice President of Technology

Kate Hinken

Vice President, Customer Success

Michelle Comeau

Vice President, Care Transitions Intervention®

Paul Richmond

Vice President, Sales

Joe D’Adamo

Vice President, Product Design
& User Experience

Marco Rios, Ph.D.

Director of Technology