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With Your HRSA 22-124 Grant Application!

Looking for help in preparing and deploying your HRSA 22-124 grant?

CCS has the expertise and capacity to support your community efforts. We can help you quickly train CHWs and start serving your community.
<img  class="x-img"  data-src="" > Trained Community Health Workers

Our expert CHW and/ or Care Transitions Intervention (CTI) Coach training coupled with our Community Health Record solution helps organizations move more quickly to:

  • Upskill your CHWs with evidence-based training

  • Track progress at the individual and community level

  • Collect the most important data and easily report out for grants, partners, and decision-making

  • Find support as part of a nationwide network of peers

  • Make sense of your data with our powerful reporting and Tableau-driven visualizations of your data

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Learning About CCS & CTI Training

CCS blends evidenced-based training, repeatable processes, and best-in-class technology to help organizations make measurable impacts.

  • We have trained over 3,000 CHWs since 2012. Learn about CHW Training

  • We have also trained over 350 CTI Coaches since 2019. Learn about CTI Training

Sustainable community health requires a blend of skilled professionals and reliable processes to serve your community effectively. We're here to help.

About Care Coordination Systems (CCS)

Care Coordination Systems (CCS) has been helping community-based organizations at the state, county, and local organizational levels address social determinants of health since 2012.

CCS provides expert Community Health Worker (CHW) training, coupled with our best-in-class community health record systems that seamlessly work with today’s leading EMRs. Beginning in 2019, CCS has delivered Care Transition Interventions® (CTI) services, a world-class coaching model that improves patient-driven personal health management while also assisting client organizations in maturing their sustainable community health strategies.

Enabling CHWs to bridge the gaps between health and social care needs,
one participant at a time.