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Care Coordination Systems™ Announces Name Change and Refreshed Website to Reflect its Vision for Community Health Solutions

June 1, 2023 – Care Coordination Systems™, a trusted partner in community health technology and training, officially becomes CCS Health™ and launches a new website.

The shortened name and new website reflects refreshed clarity and energy in the suite of solutions. A lot has changed since Care Coordination Systems launched in 2012. The new name brings together the solutions and training protocols that have been developed and acquired into a unified brand. The relaunched website becomes a common thread for that brand story and CCS Health’s vision for the community health capabilities of the future.

“We are excited to unveil a brand name and website that better reflects our vision and the journey we have been on the last 10 years,” CCS Health Chief Executive Officer Bob Harnach said. “We have always provided the solutions that meet our partners where they are based on their maturity and community’s needs. Now, that is visible in everything from our brand to our product packages.”

The refreshed iconography and offerings intentionally suggest scalability. With names such as Launch, Accelerate, and Fortify, the implication is that the solutions provide an upward trajectory, growing alongside individuals and organizations that are on the ground providing health and social support and resources.

“Our vision is to be the helping hands that allow those transforming health in their communities to do more with what they already have,” CCS Health Chief Operating Officer Richie Welton said. “We also want all of our partners to find comfort in knowing that the solutions they need today can change tomorrow. We can and will grow with them.”

CCS Health’s new identity and repackaged solutions are being rolled out across all platforms and digital and print sales and marketing collateral. Want to learn more? Visit CCS.Health.

About CCS Health
CCS Health is a social good company that for more than 10 years has assisted and partnered with community-based workforces, agencies and groups through training and technology to improve outcomes for statewide, regional and community social health initiatives. It is also the proud steward of the esteemed evidence-based Care Transitions Intervention®. CCS Health is the incubator and national implementer of the Community HUB concept with the purpose of proving its community impact through sustainability, efficiency, connectivity, and performance. CCS Health exists to assist communities in health transformation.