How Much Revenue Can Your AAA Generate?

The 30-day, evidence-based Care Transitions Intervention® (CTI®) model for coaches has proven successful in improving client health outcomes after hospital admission and reducing costs for AAAs and health providers, systems, and payers. You understand the value of these results for your clients and health providers, but are you doing anything with this impactful data?

Your AAA could get reimbursed for these results. You could get a seat at the table with health systems, hospitals, and payers, connecting your work with population and community health goals.

The CTI+ software is the only certified, purpose-built solution that supports the certified Care Transitions Intervention® program. The fully interoperable CTI+ technology connects to health organizations, funders, and payers systems, allowing your AAA to connect coach data to the larger health team with demonstrate work and bill for services.

Use the calculator below to get an estimate of how much potential revenue your AAA could claim in reimbursements.

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